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sharing internet connection ?????

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I have 2 computers in my bedroom, 1 of them is connected by wireless to my router downstairs and the other 1 is standalone. I want to share my internet connection from my wireless recieved computer to my standalone computer. Could someone help me out here plz.
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First off you need a crossover cable, use that to connect the Ethernet ports between the two computers
From there you need to go to Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection (make sure this is enabled) From there windows should auto detect an active connection and establish sharing automatically.
In case I missed anything this should cover the rest http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306126/
i tried that, when i have got the 2 computers connected to each other they each say network cable unplugged and the link l.e.d.'s at the connection dont flash either,do u know what the problem is there
What kind of cable are you using? are you using a standard network cable or are you using a network cable of the crossover type (the pins on the ends of the cable should not match each other)
A Link cable that is meant to connect the Original Xbox is a crossover.

Plus are the internet connections enabled one both PC's? in Windows and the BIOS? If you can answer yes to all those questions including having the crossover cable I would say either the cable is damaged or one of the ports...your best be would be to get another crossover cable if you can.
That picture doesn't help, I need to see both ends, and it would be the wires under the pins that are switched, they are color coded. You should be able to tell...just look and see if each end is identical
yes,each end is identical and colour coded
That means that it is what we in the networking business call a strait-thru cable (the data goes in and exits the same pin)

What you nedd is a crossover cable.
These are what crossover cables are, pins are swapped, it is possible to make them if you have the right tool, otherwise you will have to go to your local PC store to buy one, or you can buy an Xbox link cable...
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I don't know if they have radioshack in the UK but they would have it too, umm if you can get you hand on RJ-45 connectors here is a Ghetto way of making one http://www.makeitsimple.com/how-to/dyi_crossover.htm
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thanks alot
Ahhhhhhh I'm all nostalgic for those Cisco days.

Nowadays any hardware store, or even Best Buy has networking kits. It should be easy to find, just be prepared to spend a pretty penny (or whatever they have over there in the UK). A decent crimper for the ends can get up to $90. I found one that was only about $15, but it didn't last long.
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