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Short Stroke 500GB X 2 To 250GB?

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Ok i am about to reinstall my OS again...... for the 2cnd time today
And i am going to short stroke while i am there

I have 2 x 500GB Raid 0
If i were to short stroke both of these to 250gb on both how much performance increase would i get?

And how do i actually set up the short stroke
I understand i have to set up a new partition
But where?

In the raid menu,Or during windows installation?

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Set it up in the RAID BIOS. As for performance, you will only see lower seek times on the first partition (if it's less then 250GB), not the second. The read / write speeds will be slightly higher on the first partition as it closer to the fastest edge of the hd and will be consistent. The 2nd partition will still be quick, but will start to drop off as it reaches the other end of the hd.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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