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Should I be forcing a 60hz lcd to 75hz?

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I have a Samsung 226BW and I'm now obsessed with 75hz vs. 60hz. Should I be forcing it to 75hz because it won't allow me to do it in my resolution settings.

Though, it allows me to do it in game. Will it hurt my monitor if i force it or if I just use the in game 75hz, knowing my monitor 60hz?
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cnet.com reports that your monitor runs at 75Hz (vertical) x 81Hz (horisontal) refresh rate, with a max resolution of 1680 x 1050. Do you have the latest display drivers installed? I ask because "forced" and "expensive computer components" usually dont mix well
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Sure, force it.

Im not liable if it suddenly flashes then doesnt turn on/display any information

In other words, no no no. Dont take the risk.. lol. Its really not worth it.
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Yeah, It will work fine.
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