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Worth reapplying TIM to GTX 295 co-op

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Should I bother reapplying TIM in this case??

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Unfortunately when I RMAed my Dual PCB GTX 295 to EVGA they sent me a Co-op back. Don't get me wrong its a great card but it won't overclock worth a damn, especially without compatibility with the voltage tuner. The temps are pretty good though, it idles around 36-38 depending on how long it's been on and doesn't go over the mid 50s while gaming.

I was thinking that possibly my shader temps were holding my OC's back a little bit so would applying MX-2 be even worth it in this case? If I could drop it aorund 6-8 degrees to around 30 or lower that could possibly help.. any thoughts?
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I always do. the main reason isn't the quality of the TIM, it is the amount. Many times thay put way, way too much on there. I always feel better knowing what's underneath.
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Voted for the procedure.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Do it.
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Go for it. Won't hurt it, that's for sure. Then again, I don't really think it will make such a difference with the temps you have already.
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thanks for the input guys +rep I'll give it a shot, hope I don't use up all my MX-2 though :x
Just a little update, I got the idle temps to drop around 4-5 degrees with mx-2

I mistakenly took off the backplate first to find out the only thing EVGA may do worse than applying TIM, is applying thermal pads o_0 . I'll defiantely be getting some EK thermal pads to throw on this next time I order from frozen cpu

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i hate the stock tim they always apply, it looks like cement. Nice to see the mx-2 dropped your idle temps, now lets see if it helps with any overclocking.
hell, even if it doesn't with these temps I'm considering doing the VID / vGPU mod here:

got another 10mhz from it, too bad I can't seem to get above 700mhz and into the top 100 on hwbot for 10 hwbot points :/

Originally Posted by highoc View Post

Its like MUD

Hey was it a MX-2 4g ?

Yes that's what I applied, mx-2 (4g I believe), I have no clue what was originally on the card but there was A LOT of it, if it was silver based I'd be in the money now from both cores
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