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should i buy l4d2?

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its only $6.79 but if theres nothing that different about it i cant see buying it as i have l4d
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Originally Posted by Hy3RiD
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Definitely worth it. I got it on sale aswell, lot of fun, feels different aswell

whats different about it? lol i know its only $7. i just dont wanna buy the same game twice
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Buy it! New weapons, story, game modes, characters, graphics, and just plain epic. And, for the price, it just makes it THAT much better.
To OP: It's about the same game, just what L4D1 should have been through updates. Yes you get new special infected, new maps, new weapons, but the "new" characters are annoying compared to the original characters in the first. There is also weekly "mutations" which are variations to the original game play to make versus more interesting.

I think I got more fun and play time out of the first compared to the second. The shotguns aren't the same as the first one. There is more automatic weapons. I feel that the first was more unique and the second was a lame knock off, but since the price was cheaper than what I paid for the first I said give it a try after avoiding to buy it for 9 months.
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