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should I buy???

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Just browsing the net and came across this,

is this better than mine, what differences will I see, what about overclockability, i can only get my ahtlon64 newcastle core up to 2.33. Heres my newcastle CPU Z info

http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=142300 (this is what I have now.)

this is what I will buy if its better. AND I HAVE AN AM2 puter already, just wanting to upgrade my 754. Should I buy the turion, yes or no
and why.

PS will my stock fan, heatsink from my athlon 64 fit this CPU?
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Make sure your motherboard supports the processor, has a bios flash to support the Turion processors, or someone has created a modded bios for Turion processor support before you even consider buying it.

I have not heard a lot about the MT-37 model, but I have heard/read about the MT-40 being a solid overclocker. One advantage would be the 1MB of L2Cache compared to the 512KB you have now, and that wallet looks pretty sweet.

A standard socket 754 HSF would be fine for this processor. The processor is essential the same as Athlon 64's, but has the IHS removed/not installed. That is what your 3000+ would look like without the IHS.

Also with your motherboard make sure it has wide v-core options. Being a mobile processor designed to reduce energy consumption they run at lower voltage. I believe they are designed for 1.2 volts. There are people that have had great luck with the MT-40 and the MT-30. I believe Jrabb had a setup with a MT-30 at one time that broke the 3.0GHz barrier. I think it is worth a shot, and will likely overclock better then the Newcastle core you have.
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I have a soyo k8 usa dragon ultra black edition mobo, not sure if it supports the turion cpus, if anyone knows please post
still needing some opinions
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