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Should I do it?

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Hey all,

Looking at going compact, so I am looking @ purchasing a Gaming laptop.

The games I have right now are:


I am giving this PC to my son.

I do plan on keeping my 22" monitor

Would the Gateway P-7807u FX Edition be a good replacement from my desktop PC (see specs below)?


Thanks for any input.
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Excellent choice. That laptop will kill your current PC too, so it is a nice upgrade. I say do it

EDIT: nvm, CPU would kill yours, but the graphics would be worse (just checked the graphics online). Considered downgrade for graphics, upgrade for CPU.

Unless you take your computer everywhere, it is not worth it.

I think if you need a laptop, just get a basic one, and then use your desktop for games.
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you could also check if these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16834157043 are somewhere to be found cheap around the holidays
that would prolly eat any game on decent performance

but the gateway is already a kickbutt lappy
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its a pretty good laptop,no questions about it

my 2 cons tho are:
"only" 4GB of Max memory
"only" a 9800gts

it really depends on you man

Originally Posted by kinubic View Post
good choice but for a few hundreds more get this lol


but since its for ur son shud be good enough.

What's really better about it?
Only difference I can see is:
ASUS has GTX 260M, Smaller LCD, little faster 2.53ghz processor,.

The Gateway has little slower processor @ 2.4ghz, Bigger LCD and has a 9800M GTS video card.

Which card is better out of the 9800M GTS & GTX 260M

Also I notice on the ASUS it says: Card slot / 1 x Express Card, what does this mean?
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That's a great laptop, a friend purchased it for playing WoW. A word of warning though, purchasing a laptop and gaming on it for extended periods of time is a bad idea. I've seen numerous laptops make their way to the dumpster because people try and use them as an everyday gaming machine, bad idea in my honest opinion.

You said you're looking at going compact but if you can get away with using a desktop do it. You can make a good budget build with that money and have money left over to buy a netbook if you need something for mobility.
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