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Should I get TF2?

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Here is a little background on what I currently have played or am playing.

CSS..."If I had a dollar for every hour I put into this one"
Cod4...been there done that!
UT3...wasn't impressed
Cod5...Is this just a re-vamped cod4?

Left 4 Dead...Purchased on the 50% sale. Taking my time in beating the single player since I hear it is short, then I will experiment with the multi modes.

So what else should I try?

TF2...Maybe, are there alot of players online? Are there too many annoying immature players or unfair gameplay because of hackers?

From what I hear, Left 4 Dead multi will keep me entertained for a long time. But what about those nights when I just want to mix it up a bit. I need one more online multiplayer fps to satisfy my 'frag fix'!
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I love TF2 more than CSS, once you get used to how the game works/flows, it's amazingly fun :]
Too much fun. Too addictive. Problem is sometimes maps and games never end.

If you have an outside goal, girl friend or school, don't buy it.

It you're free. Invest some time in tf2
The general consensus is that's it's amazing and very addictive. But I never got into it, far prefered cod4 and a dash of css every now and then.
I've never seen a hacker on TF2 in action in my 230 hours of play time. You shouldn't have to worry about that.

TF2 is a very team based game, hench the name. It's very fun to play when you team can work together and people know when to change classes when it's appropriate (although switching classes over and over when you're desperate is bad). You just go with the flow.

One of my favorite games of all time.
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I just got it last week and it's so much fun I love it, I personally found CSS a little bit more fun but I'm a solo player and i don't have a mic so even if i wanted to help the team, kinda hard without a mic.
Its a very addictive game. I didn't get into it until about a month or two ago and since then I've fallen in love. At first the cartoonishness was a turn off but it grows on you. And the game play is amazing.
This is my Favorite game to play right now. Best 20 bucks I ever spent in terms of games.
I can't imagine most people not enjoying this game.
TF2 is very fun and addicting, i bought it for $10 and i am still learning but i consider it a steal at what i paid for it. I just wish they would fix the multiple core support so it stops crashing on me.
Yeah get TF2 its an awesome game. At first when you play it its going to be a little hard to get used to the classes but after a month you'll become better.
I think TF2 is an okay game, but it gets boring quick.
Thanks for sharing everyone. So far it's looking like I will get this next week on my payday.
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