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As the title suggests, should I molest a Lian Li PC-60?

It's by far no where near in mint condition, though its pretty condition decent for a 16 year old case, that's seen quite a few builds in it over the years.

I've got some ideas about resurrecting it, into something glorious (like it was back in the year 2000)...and am planning on putting a water loop in it, consisting of a 160mm rad, 184mm rad, triple 40mm rad, and possibly a 240mm in the roof of the case (still contemplating this).

Now the thing is missing its original power button, its missing the little flap thing where the USB connections where, and I've stripped it down completely (minus, drilling out the rivets) in preparation for modding it, and I'm having second thoughts butchering the front panel of the case.

Should I or shouldn't I defile it? (I think one idea I had planned for it, should look pretty classy, and still tie in with the original styling cues, I will sketch it down and scan and upload it a bit later).
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