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I got an evga 570 sc at the beginning of Feb.

I've been getting crashes in games with minor overclocks and even underclocks. The only time it seems stable is with it back to the default 570 clocks (732core).

I calculated the cost from the evga site. I'd have to pay $153 to move up to a 580.

Would it be worth it?

This is the card I'd be getting


Any problems I should know about with that one?

EDIT: Was wrong on the price.
EDIT 2: Looks like I can't RMA. It's been over 30 days since I purchased it. (Just registered it now)

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Well if you're happy with your FPS performance save the $86 and just RMA. See how the new RMA'd card overclocks for you...if you're still getting problems then the $86 upgrade looks like a pretty good deal.
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