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Should I upgrade from an i5-3570k to 3770k if the price is right?

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I currently run an i5-3570k with an ASROCK Extreme6 mobo and i'm loving it. Lately, I got an awesome offer for an i7-3770k and ASROCK Extreme9 mobo which has the mini pcie slot that I really want for wireless cards. I was going to buy an ROG board just to get that feature. I will be saving $200 and change, if I picked this up right now as opposed to buying it brand new.

My PC is mainly for gaming, bit mining, solid modelling and i'm picking up programming little by little as of late. My i5-3570k does everything very well but my guts tell me that this combo offer is great and I should jump on it. What do you fellas think?
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I wouldn't unless your 3570K is a terrible clocker. I also wouldn't if your 3570K is a great clocker. 3770K should be slightly better for mining if you're running it on CPU.

You can buy PCI-E to mPCI-E adapters if that's what you want.
It's really not worth the change unless your spending $100 or less to change everything. I only say it's worth it because you'll get some performance out of it and it'll make you happy
You won't notice much of a difference, especially in games. You can put a wireless card in any 8x or 4x slot.
IF you use you computer for other things, like video/photo editing, design, folding, etc. it is worth the upgrade. More threads the better. Like others have said though, if you are just gaming, save the cash for something else.
Thanks guys. I guess I'll pass on the offer then.
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