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should i upgrade to a 7750?

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its only 59 dollars on newegg right now, would i see a big improvment? kinda worried bout my cpu dying on me as its almost 2 years old now and has been oced from day one lol. so what do you think?
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I would do the upgrade, as the Kuma(Phenom/K10) architecture is roughly 25% faster clock for clock an then older Athlon 64 (k8) architecture.

And they can overclock higher. Though, you currently have a marvelous overclock. You should get the same if not higher on the newer CPU.
And improved speed.
thats cause the air in my apartment is like ice cause i have cheap roomates that keep the thermostat on a constant 50 degrees
although i cant really do much since im still waiting on the 4850 i was promised for my 2 8800's like a month ago
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Theres a coupon code for it too.

sweet five bucks off! how long will that last?
No Idea. I would go for it though. $55 can't beat that. Thats about $17 a core
I'd do it. I have one of those in my HTPC and it's great.
damn shouldnt have partied my money away last night
now i want it lol damn you watchmen and your Drunk Midnight release goodness!
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dude, go for it, i would definately say there is a performance increase, specially in games.

make sure u have an AM2+ board for the 7750

and for the record, i have an AMD Athlon XP thats a good 7 years old and it still runs. it wasnt OCed but as long as u watch ur volts and temps, moderate OC's shouldnt hurt life expectancy of a CPU by much.
Go for it, espcially at that price. I just got mine a month ago at like $78, so $55 is a damn steal. You won't be disappointed. Too bad you partied your money away though haha. I'm going to party my new HD money away on Pearl Street in Boulder tonight, screw it
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man, i might have gotten a 7750 instead of my E5200 if the price was that when i bought mine... tho the E5200 would prolly still OC higher
damn thats cheap, good for an extreme budget build
ehm, get an x3 710?
or wait for those new 45nm athlon x2 chips
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the X3's are more expensive

and intel has 45nm dual core chips now, mine was $72, why wait?

go for the 7750

Originally Posted by IntelConvert View Post
the X3's are more expensive

and intel has 45nm dual core chips now, mine was $72, why wait?

go for the 7750
The X3 710/720's contend with the E8400/E8500's.
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yea, but thats not the price range of the chip the OP is looking for. the 7750 he is thinking about gettings is $52. the E8x00 is at like $180ish
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