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Should I wait to buy new cards?

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OK, I am planning to buy a pair of 4830's tomorrow. They would be $160 off the egg for a pair. (powercolors) I was torn between these and a single 4870, but I think these will be good. Even if I got the single 4870, I doubt I would be getting another for xfire anyways.

So, with all the price cut talks etc., should I wait a week? The only reason I don't want to (besides wanting to get new HW for the weekend
) Is that, even if the 4870 and 4850 prices drop, I am not looking at a huge difference in the 4830. Even if it drops, it is not going to be a whole lot. (and I also want to use the newegg free shipping and promo code for $10 off each card)

What do you think? Feel free to show me a better value for $160, too.
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How about wait a bit and get HD4750 CF?

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4830CF pretty much closes to 4870. $160 is a good deal. If you want to single 4870, take a look at this.
I would be happy with a 4870, but I like the idea of "cheating" the system by going with the cheaper cards. That Asus is a good deal as, the o nly other ones for that price are not as good a brand.
I personally like the scaling better of 1 better card than that of 2 lesser cards. I personally would wait or go HD4870. Plus the GDDR5 memory has tons more bandwidth than the 4830s anyways....
I would wait and get one 4870, don't like SLi/crossfire that much...
For $170 you can get a GTX 260. I would wait a little bit and see how the prices turn out.
Someone just posted results earlier with 2x4830 vs 2x4850 vs 4870 1gb. The 4830's had a higher max fps, but as is important, the 4870 1gb had a higher minimum fps by 11 fps and that's what is highly important in my opinion. Also, if you care, there's a GTX 260 sp 216 currently $168.99 after $30 MIR.
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