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Shout out to Spotswood - Tech Benches Gallery

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You know, we get donations in our events from members and hardware reps quite a bit, so when I see one that's stuck around with us for quite a while, and contributed many prizes to our group of folders, It's a good thing to give them our thanks from time to time.

One guy that reached out to me 2 or 3 years ago was @Spotswood . He came to me wanting to donate a test bench which I found different and exciting. He didn't ask for exposure. He didn't ask for me to link his site. He just kept giving them away trying to keep us folding with some thanks for our efforts.

Well, it's been quite some time, and I've seen a few of you post pictures of your Spotswood Gear. I would actually like for you to post your pictures in this thread so I can place them into Post #2. Let's make it a gallery!

So, thank you Spotswood. How many of these have you donated now? I see some new ones on your site. Which is your personal favorite now, and do you have a picture of a rig using one?
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I have a SWTX tray for my 4p currently, planning on a custom box for my renderfarm; gonna be so dope


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Thank you so much for the shout out, I really appreciate it!

I don't fold, but I do like to donate to those who do (for multiple personal reasons).

I did a quick search of my "sent" email folder and it looks like I've donated around a dozen benches over the years.

One of my favorite builds was done by @derickwm in a "small" tech station:


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I loved my Spotswood Bench, now it's at my friends house as his LoL machine.

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