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Show me your rack!

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So, lets see your home RACK! No commercial setups. Just the homegrown stuff. Fancy, neat, busted, what ever. Lets see it all.

Here is mine. Need a new actual rack, but the hardware in it is all solid.


From the top:
  • Power switches. These power most of the rack. It is tied to one of the UPS units below. This allows for easy power cycling for network hardware.
  • Patch pannel. Left side connects to the rack servers and the right side to the lines through the house.
  • Unifi 24 port switch with PoE. Self-explanatory.
  • Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus w/rack mount. Manages the network internally.
  • Unifi Network Video Recorder. A video server for Unifi Protect camera system. Currently, only have one camera on it. A doorbell cam.
  • Router/Firewall. Moved away from pfsense to Untangle. This one is not free but has better filtering options. Especially for the little guy.
  • Shelf with UPS units, modem, and monitor for console commands. This is temporary for the monitor. Looking for a rack-mount console for cheap.
  • The last level is my file server/plex server and an old Dell server that is dead.
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I would but I don't need any "Rack" system for my home. If I did I would and I would most definitely post it. On a side note of personal observation......OMG....blow that dust out. 👀

Btw....very nice!

It does need a good cleaning. Problem is, I have to really pull it all out to do it right. Meaning, network goes down for the whole home. Not a good thing. I am planning to get a new rack in the not too distant feature. So, it will get a good cleaning then.

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Nice home lab setup.
This section of OCN rarely gets love these days but most people have posted to the other show your rack thread. Which is slowly working to the bottom of the front page.

Missed that thread. Did a search figuring one existed. But, did not see anything. Kinda odd, really.

I am guessing most people are moving to cloud services for things they would normally have servers for. Not a fan of clouds myself. Too many unknowns when using them. And, I have never really fully trusted the idea of putting all my stuff on computers owned by other people.

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Nah, I have the fans set to turn on @ 85f. Even with the door closed it cools back down in about a minute and a half. The only time it gets that hot is while all disks are spun up while doing a parity check or some other type of maintenance. Streaming from one disk at a time while watching a movie it barely gets past 75f. I'll have to see what happens in the summertime though.

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My first post on the forums in many years. I used to love to come see all the cool stuff folks had.

Ignore the MDF disaster. lol
Everstream dedicated fiber
Ubiquiti UDM Pro
Ubiquiti US-24-250W
7x Unifi Cameras, G3 Flex, G3, G3 Pro
Couple Pi4's as PiHole/DNSResolvers
1x Lenovo Tiny with random crap running on it
Ubiquiti Switch Aggregation for the 10g ports
4x R720's running Proxmox w/ 10Gbps for CEPH purposes. Many things running on these.



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