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Shut-down time?

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Hi guys, my pc takes ages to shut-down it can take up to 5ish mins to turn off and it's bugging me. i'm not sure whether it would have anything to do with temp or the fact that i boot it off the RAM, if anyone knows why this could be i would be greatful for any input. thanx

System:AMD athlon 4000x clocked to 2.5 (1.25v) 41 degrees idle 58 load (ish)
Geforce6100SM-M mobo
2 Gig DDR2 800 RAM
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Check out http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837115 someone referred me to that not too long ago for a read.

Check event viewer and see *** is going on during that time when your trying to shutdown.
start up is pretty quick that only takes a few seconds. the only program thats running on shut-down really is norton but that was running before i overclocked it and thats when it started to take longer to power down. thanx
How many programs are set to start upon start-up? And how many processes are running in the background? It goes faster for the computer to start up all the programs when you enter Windows than to exit them all when shutting down.

Go to run -> msconfig -> Startup tab -> uncheck everything you don't need to start when you boot into Windows and see if that helps.

If it's been a long time since your last disk defragmentation, do so also.

Long shutdowns could also be caused by conflicts between hardware or software. So if you have installed anything recently, try uninstalling it if so and see if that makes any difference.
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still takes ages to power down. will it be anything to do with the overclock???
Great suggestions in here so far


Originally Posted by Syrioth
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still takes ages to power down. will it be anything to do with the overclock???

Syrioth, one way to find out if your OS is the problem is to boot into safe mode and then try a restart/shutdown. Safe mode typically loads only the essentials services required to run Windows. Did you review the "event viewer" as Mosoner suggested? You can quickly get to the event viewer by going to Start->Run and typing in, "eventvwr.msc" and then click OK. Take a look in "Application" and "System". If there are several error messages our warnings then please let us know. Include screen shots if you can.

If you suspect your overclock is the culprit then go ahead and back it down to stock. After overclocking the processor did you make sure everything was stable?

Keep us updated

Good luck
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Are you shutting down into hybernation mode. I do that as well. For the almost 10 sec after post boot time. The shutdown time takes longer as it has to record everything in the memory to your hard drive, and save everything in you page file and swap file intact. The only real way to get around that is to shut down normal. Not hybernation mode. other than that go to start/ control pannel/ adminastrative tools/ performance and click on performance logs and alerts and see if anything shows up in there that might be giveing you a problem.
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