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Shutoff valves?

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hey im building a rad box and its going to be remote from my pc and i want to be able to disconnect it easily

what are your suggestion

*remember there are going to be 4 tubes*
*and i really want this to be on he cheap, looks matter not*

i was thinking of 8 ball valves but how would they interface with tubing?

thanks for the help
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I'm doing the exact same thing with my WC setup. Take a look at these.
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i was considering them but they are WAY to expensive

expensive but wonderful.

Edit: Hey! I just remembered a few days ago I was looking through the For Sale section and someone was selling 8 sets I think of these for 7-8$ each. (for a set) I think they were a bit smaller, but still high flow. So it would cost you 16$ instead of 40$. GL on finding the post though, I couldn't. It has a really big pic of them.
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get ball valves from your local plumbing store or mcmaster carr
but what about interfacing with tubing?

and what kind would i look for, as in restriction (less as possible)
if interfacing is some sophisticated way of connecting to, then you just screw on the desired barbs... ball valves dont really have restriction? it is a ball with a hole in it so when you turn it the hole moves to the side and blocks water.
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wow i just looked up both quick disconnects and 8 ball valves, with both of them it would cost more than 80 bux, which is way more than id like to spend
This is a 3/4" PVC "T" in this pic on the right, I use it as a drain line on my TEC bench(Not as a in-line). Like OC was saying just get some PVC ball valves at the hardware store and use those. Get the threaded ones and you can screw whatever size barbs you want to in it. Get the barbs there so you'll know they fit,there not G-1/4 and all that there NPTx barb size. They should have plastic or metal either one.

I'd get the valve in 5/8" then use 1/2" barbs and it wont be as restrictive. There $3-4 the last time I bought any and a $1 or so a barb, for plastic ones anyway.

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ahh awesome ira-k, damn thanks all aound guys

looks like ill be hunting for some pvc shutoffs
i'm using the koolance quick disconnects and i'm very happy with them
Water cooling is only as expensive as you make it. I can make a perfectly good loop for under 100 bucks.
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