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So i've been all over their website trying to figure out how to flash my bios with the .bin file that is the bios update. All i could find was this


My drivers cd didnt come with some award flash utility, and i have no idea really how to apply the .bin file to a bios update. Any help would be great.

Right now my bios is an35s00q and im trying to update to the new an35s00r, dunno what it will do. If anyone has any of the old an3500i/g updates feel free to let me know.

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Here is AWDflash - ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/asus/mb/so...x/awdflash.zip

If there is a .bin in there delete it

Now! Put the Shuttle .bin into a floppy along with AWDFLASH, and boot from floppy

at A:/ prompt, type AWDFLASH bios(whatever the file name is).bin

Also, there should be a thing at POST that says press Del for bios and F1 for AWDFlash... try this first. (Its near the bottom of the screen)

If you need anymore help, just keep asking

EDIT: Make sure that floppy is a bootable floppy
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