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Side panel arrangement options/suggestions?

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Well I'm in a little tight situation with my side panel. It was orignially going to be all acrylic, (a huge clear window), but it seems my acrylic drilling skills were a little rusty and I've made small cracks in the window. I have mocked up a few arrangements that I could use to cover up most of the cracks and chunks that have fallen off, and was wondering what you guys thought about it. Any other arrangement suggestions are appreciated. I may have the chance to stop by HomeDepot today and if that's the case, I will just continue with my original plan of a large acrylic window. If I cannot, I may have to buy some sort of mesh from Ace'sHardware and use that to cover up something. Again, any type of suggestion about how to arrange the window is helpful.

First off, I will circle where the major cracks and chunks are on the window that need to be covered up...

If I do the arrangement above, the middle pole will go down to here,

To cover up the crack near the bottom.

Here's some more arrangements I quickly mocked up.

Note: On any of these mock-ups, if I go through with them they will be flush with the panel, not sticking out and ugly like that.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Illusion, I think I like your second arrangement best.

As far as the cracks in your acrylic window goes, I think you can pick up what's called Acrylic Glue or Acrylic Cement at your local Home Depot which might help to fix those cracks. It's more of a liquid substance (kinda like water) and basically soft-solders the areas needing to be fixed.

Here is a youtube video that I learned of this substance from..

Good luck with your side panel window and I hope everything works out.

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