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Welp, I've sold off my monitors and I'm using my T.V due to my new room set up it just works better for everything.. Except my Sig Rig being able to give a supported video signal to my TV.

It's a 120Hz 1080p TV and I've tried going from my GTX480 via DVI-HDMI (with adapter) DVI-HDMI cable and then mini-HDMI all which don't give me any video signal.
Now, the strange thing is I can see my bios post on the screen, and then it just goes into the TV saying 'Unsupported Video Signal'

As far as I'm aware my GTX480 is outputting in either 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 (which as far as I'm aware are both supported by my TV...

I'm thinking it's a video resolution compatibility issue. What do you guys think?
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