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Silence Mod (PC-7B) | MNPCTECH Help.

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I got an idea to try to make my computer as silent as possible, so I've decided to buy around $100-$120 in parts:

SonexWilltec @ $7.99 p/sheet x2 = $15.98 (I would order 3x sheets but I'm not sure if the material would fit on the other side of my case door. It may be too thick... (Bill from MNPCTECH? Chime In Possibly?)

Rubber Anti-Vibration Screw 4-Pack for Open Chassis Fans x2
Sunbeam Rubber Screw 12 Pack x1
Enermax Enlobal Marathon 120 x 25mm Case Fan x2
Premium Rubber Case Feet 4 Pack x1
80mm Rubber Fan Silencer x1
Swiftech MCX159-CU Universal Chipset Heatsink x1

Any suggestions guys?

Possibly a different product (replacement). Personal silencing mod experiences?
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Looks good. One thing I'd get is thin rubber strips that are about 1CM wide and not thick at all. Put holes in the and put them between your drives and your drive bays so any vibration of the drive between the drive and bay is asorbed. rest will be taken out with the rubber screws.

Other than that, do it up, if your not happy, try something more
keep us posted on your results!
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The coolest thing I've discovered when trying to make a quiet PC is simply plugging all the case fans into the CPU header and enabling temp control in the bios. I made an adapter so I could plug in my CPU fan as well as both 120mm case fans into the cpu fan plug so now the fans only spin up when the cpu gets really hot.
I recently purchased the Nexus anti-vibration kit from the following:

It's got most of what it is you need. I did notice a difference after putting all the stuff on my PC. There is practically no more harddrive noise or any kind of vibrations coming from the fan. All I hear now are the wind being moved from the fan and that is with my ears about 1 in away.
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