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Q: Using modified Haf 932 with one 360 rad in top and one 240 in bottom, using gentle [email protected] will it handle 400-500w of heat?

My understanding is that waterpump needs under 60c?

I own 4x pump that I think are DDC 1 and also own a D5 pump, Ive heard good things about D5 so mostlikely going to use that in this as single loop if possible.

So I'm building my first watercooling and I want it to be quiet so I can not just game but other stuff aswell.

I ended up with a used Aquacomputer airplex XT 360 http://www.aquatuning.de/product_info.php/info/p3363_Aquacomputer-airplex-XT-360.html

And a used EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream RAD XT 240

So at most I will have one 360 in top and with removing harddrive cage and dremeling a 120 hole I can install a 240 EK rad in bottom.

My hope is to run all fans in case 500rpm, for radiators most likely I use Gentle Typhoon ~500rpm as Slipstream are not good for horizontal rads.

It will either run 100w cpu + 2x 7970 so 500w or 100w cpu + 2x 6950 so ~400w
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