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Silent, Fully Modular PSU

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So, I am pretty sure my Silverstone Decathlon is dying after 4 good years together. Should I get another, or is there a better silent, fully modular PSU out there now? I may Uni-Sleeve it some day, but who knows... Are Corsair TXs the best for the dollar?
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Look no further than the SeaSonic X-650 or X-750.

JonnyGuru review - the best power supply Jonny's ever tested.

The Corsair TX series are decent, but I prefer the Antec TruePower New 750W to the TX750 and the TruePower new 650W to the TX650. The TX950 is pretty much the best non-modular ~1kW PSU available, though.
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The Corsair HX series is the modular series, they're some of the best around for the money. The TX series gets a little lower efficiency and has fixed cables, but is still extremely good for what you pay. Antec TruePower is ok, but not the best imo. The SeaSonic M12 PSUs are modular and in some cases better than the Corsair HXs, but you pay a premium.
Looks good to me. Do you think that having 2 HDDs, SATA DVD-RW, and 3 fans would be too heavy for the one Molex chain to handle? I'm starting to wonder if maybe I put too much on one line. I did it for cable management's sake, but I can redo some cabling if that's too much.
Corsair HX is fantastic.

I have the 520 and it's great.

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Looks good to me. Do you think that having 2 HDDs, SATA DVD-RW, and 3 fans would be too heavy for the 5V Rail to handle?

Hell no.

That's nowhere near too heavy.
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I concur with what some have stated earlier, the HX is pretty good. I currently own a 750HX (standby). The value from the performance, quality, and warranty+customer service are great.

the HX might be expensive, but as stated before; its worth it.
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I have one SATA power cable running 3 of my hard drives without any problems, and one Molex connector is powering 6 of my 120mm fans, both intake and exhaust
My Power Supply is probably the most quietest component in my computer
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Ya, it started making this nasty kind of buzzing, scratching sound. Not good. So, new PSU time.
WOah...didnt know the silverstones uses a San ace fan, judgin by that alone you know its a quality unit!.
I've got a silverstone sf700 unit and its been solid, its fully modular and its dead silent. I've throw 4x 4850s at it/ 3x 4890s and it hasn't skipped a beat.
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