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So I was playing Silent Hill and got to the "Zodiac" puzzle.
What a crapload of ******ng *****t, this puzzle doesn't even have logic applied to it,
and after looking the solution it doesn't make any logistical sense.

Now there are hard puzzles like piano, which present a genuine challenge which I figured out because, it is perfectly logical, but with this freaking puzzle, I had the right idea, but the scales does not have limbs that's why I didn't think it was the right way. So I went like "O.K., sheep has 4 limbs hence #4 bug has 10 limbs, hence #10, but then scales doesn't have any limbs ?????" WTH????????

So can someone tell me how do the inanimate object considered to have limbs, but the fish' fins is not limbs ......

I just hate games like this when they force you to look up the puzzles or buy their manual, they just try to get money out of you, instead of making the puzzles abide by logics, they should just have a warning on the box you must buy manual with the game otherwise it's impossible.

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I remember playing Silent Hill Homecoming on the PC. The puzzle you do in an attic, I can't remember what you exactly do. But all I know is I sat there for two hours trying to figure it out and then gave up and looked online.
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