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Here is a work log for my new build.

Build Log
Final Pics And Overclocking Results
Parts List

Full System Specs
Quick Laptop Repair

But this is what you will see in this thread:
RV02 fully sleeved case
Case Lighting Red / White
Custom cables for better wire management
2500k overclocking
raid 10 setup Raid 5 setup 4x 640gb drives
RAM clocking
3 Videocards

Many monitors
Sexy cable management
I am also going to need a new desk - or maybe some monitor wall mounts.

Parts Received Thus Far:
8gb DDR3-1600 Ripjaw (Did want faster but it was at a price i couldn't pass up)
Also in the pic 2x 640gb 3gb/sec 16mb cache WD drives. (i have 2 more at home that will be going in to create the raid 5.

ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional
LiteOn BluRay Player
LiteOn DvD/CD Burner/Drive

EVGA GT 430 1024mb (This is going to be my third card, this is just here to power 2 additional monitors. I got this card because of the thin profile, and it gets all the power it needs from the PCI-E slot, 1gb VRAM great for large monitors. Not to mention its not too shabby of a card either for sub $50

I also have received my Raven-02 Case but have already took it all apart and started sleeving and running cables.

Side window inside panel - I sound dampened it, left a gap for the bottom fan filters to sit so they wouldnt bend when i put it on.

Video Cards, CPU, and Heatsink have been ordered. Need to make some measurements tonight and order my last cables.

Doing measurements and testing cables to make sure i get everything cable managed perfect.

The back of my PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750w Powersupply - Not modular :[

Finished up the measurements, and i ordered extension cables to match. I have to stop in to frozencpu and pick up a couple sata cables, 2 fans, a fan grill, and some LEDs. Also forgot to mention i am LED swapping the Raven case light. Usually its blue but i am changing it to red to match everything else.

Got 2 fans, one to replace the top exhaust fan, and im going to add the kaze-jyu slim in the front behind the bay covers to cool the hard drives. Sleeving the fans, and changing the 3 pin connectors to red.

I added a 100 x 100 x 12mm fan to cool my hard drives, it is suspended behind a few 5.25 bays and angled slightly up to direct cool air over the drives. You can see in the pics below.

With cover kind of on

Backside without hard drives but all covers on

And here you can see the fan through the hard drive cage, another hard drive is going to be installed above it. But i am using that drive right now. It will be 4 x 640gb in raid 10.

Here is the lighting i got for my case, NZXT Sleeved LED White - 2meters.
Has 3 modes of brightness, just has different resistors on the backside, you could most likely change out a resistor to one of less ohms and get it even brighter, but im not going to do that.

I am replacing the top 120mm fan as well, this is a picture of the original one with the chrome fan grill.

Here is what it is going to look like when i install the new fan and fan grill i got. The grill matches the top mesh that pops on the case, pics of that later.

And this is what the new fan looks like when its on.

Replacing Case LEDs

And done. From blue LED to red. Will match my case now. I just need to sand the top of the LEDs to diffuse the light and it will be all set.

Used a metal file and grinded down each side of the LED, looks much better and will not have as much of a spotlight effect when its installed in the case.

I received my single sleeve cables from performance pcs, the sleeving matches exactly the cabon fiber sleeving i bought at frozencpu. One thing to be weary about is that in the description it states:
"Sleeve Color: Carbon Fiber
Heatshrink Color: Carbon Fiber
Connector Color: Carbon Fiber"

When in fact the heatshrink color and connector color are actually black and just the sleeving is carbon fiber. I prefer this way luckily, but its a good thing i didnt want the grey ends.

Looks like a lighter / chrome black, it looks great in person

The warzone, dropping in my mobo, psu, hard drives and running some wiring.

Preliminary install, no cards, no zipties, no heatsink

Prelim with window on, im keeping the plastic on window until its complete to avoid fingerprints and scratches.

I installed my white LED lighting and it looks GREAT! but i dont want to post pics until they are the final ones. Lighting came out perfect.
My CPU, heatsink, and cards arrive today!

"07/19/2011 07:00:00 OUT FOR DELIVERY"
"07/19/2011 14:12:00 DELIVERED[D]"
I need to get out of work

Got my box!

This is what was inside
2x Video Cards
Zalman heatsink
and Core i5 2500k

Zalman heatsink installed, man do i hate mini instruction manuals written in engrish. What a pain!
Took me about 30-45 mins to sleeve and install this, looks great though.

My motherboard has a routing route for the heatsink cable, it works nicely. Hard to tell, but if you look from the top down of the motherboard you wont be able to see the pwm cable at all.

The two beasts!

Raid 5 Setup, Windows 7 installing!

Pics of the LED swap, RED looks great!

Current low load temps are at around 27 degrees and cooler @3.3v
I am happy with those temps, plus the zalman look perfect in the case.

Okay, i had to get a new PSU to power this machine, my 750w wasn't cutting it. Here is my new one, just got it in.


Quick DOA test

Now i can install this all sexy-like tonight and finish up the case.

New PSU install

Headphones Arrived! Sennheiser HD 595

Soon i will be doing sound testing from an audiophile in training perspective.

Sennheiser HD202 Vs. http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD-202-Dynamic-Headphones/dp/B000065BP9]Sennheiser HD595[/URL]

Onboard Vs. X-Fi Titanium Vs. X-Fi Titanium HD

Log continued below

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Log Continued, Final Pics Scroll down...


Size comparison, Creative X-Fi Titanium vs X-Fi Titanium HD

Slim Clearance!

Final Pics:












Overclocking Results Thus Far:
Fatal1ty Professional P67 BIOS v2.0

RAM Stock @ 1600mhz, 9-9-9-24 2t 1.5v

Speed ---- Boot To Windows


Max Temp










*For 5ghz Stability i bumped PLL to 1.89v, Level 2 LLC, VID 1.52v, BLCK 100mhz.
This was not 24h tested, but it was blended for a while.

Currently 24h testing a 4.6ghz Turbo OC. It is a undervolted stock Asrock OC.

Best 1M Pi Time: 7.54 Seconds @ 5ghz

Verification pics next week, after my internet lines are installed.



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Parts List

Raven 2 Case
Zalman CNPS 9900 MAX - Red LED
Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3ghz
XFX Radeon HD 6970 2GB
EVGA GT430 1gb
Lite-On DVD / CD Write Combo
Lite-On Blu-Ray Player
ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional
Western Digital 640gb HDD
Raid 5 is crawling, looks like i need a PCI raid controller to get normal speeds. I dont have much room in the PCI department. I am instead replacing with 1x Sata-III Drive.
Raid-5 is working well now, i guess because it was a new OS and i was doing a lot of installing it had to verify a bunch, now it boots up fine and runs great. Windows 7 rated 6.0.
Western Digital 2TB Sata-III 64mb Cache 7200 RPM HDD
Not sure what im going to do with this, maybe resell it, havent opened it yet.
G.Skill Ripjaw 8gb (2x4gb) 1600mhz DDR3
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750w
750w was not enough power for this rig, wont run on full load for an extended time
PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W
X-Fi Titanium Purchased wrong soundcard, anyone looking for one cheap?
X-Fi Titanium HD Accidently bought non-HD version first! Now ordered correct one.
Sennheiser HD595 In the mail now.
Sennheiser HD202 Replacing these entry level headphones with the ones above.

Red LED 5mm
White LED Lighting - NZXT
Honeycomb Grill
Hard Drive Cooling Fan - Kaze-Jyu Slim 1000RPM
Enermax T.B. Silence 120mm Red LED Top Exhaust Fan
Carbon Fiber Single Sleeve Cables
1/4" Carbon Fiber Sleeving
1/4" Red Heatshrink
Red 3 Pin Connector Replacements
Arctic Silver 5

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I have the same case, and I love it. I HAve an extra 120mm fan that I wanted to put in the front of the case like you did but I couldnt figure how to mount it without making some brackets. I want to push air into the case past the HDD and to the GPU. I am curious what kind of temps you see with both 6970's. Water cooling the GPU's would be a pain I think. May be able to put the radiator on top of the bottom fans but that would cut off too much airflow to the mobo. I guess it would have to be mounted external.

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I actually had to get a new PSU because my 750 couldn't handle the stress testing, so i have no temps yet. Ordered the 950w PSU today.
My front fan is actually 100x100x12mm, it fits almost perfect.

Ill make sure to get shots of heatshrink + connectors for ya

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Hmm. The 750 wouldnt cut it, makes me wonder if my 850 will handle 2 cards now. I bought it because several of the PSU gurus on here said the HX 850 was plenty to run CFX or even tri-fire because it was a solid PSU. My single 6970 with the profile I created gets up to 62c in BC2 or BAtman AA. My CPU runs up to 52c according to Core temps log.

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I bet 850 will be alright, CPU temp seems alright, video card is a bit warm but nothing to worry about.

I am trashing my raid-5 and going with a single sata 3 - 2tb drive.
this raid-5 is running slow as hell

Western Digital 2TB Sata-III 64mb Cache 7200 RPM HDD
new drive

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I thought the gpu was getting warm as well but then I saw some people saying theirs gets over 70-80. I am not cranking the fan up too much either. when it gets to 62c it is at 65% fan speed.


Originally Posted by Krud
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I bet 850 will be alright, CPU temp seems alright, video card is a bit warm but nothing to worry about.

I am trashing my raid-5 and going with a single sata 3 - 2tb drive.
this raid-5 is running slow as hell

Western Digital 2TB Sata-III 64mb Cache 7200 RPM HDD
new drive

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