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i own an sg13 with an AMD 3600x + GTX1080 and was wondering if this following air intake/exaust scheme would work.

Setting up the gpu as exhaust, the cpu AIO as exhaust as well, psu with the fan turned up intaking and exhaust in the back and a 92mm fan intaking from the side? what do you tink? guess ill have to try right

Currenty i have an AIO mounted at front with 2 fans, push pull config 120mmx25mm, gpu as intake, PSU as exaust (SFX corsair), a 92mm exaust on the side plus 2 60mm fans exhausting to the top right next to the psu.

GPU+CPU temps stay around 70 while playing Cyberpunk 1080p high, though GPU fans go noisy nuts.
1 - 1 of 3239 Posts