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Well. I haven't been on this forum in years, my last system on here was an amd phenom ii black edition.

So recently acquired an evga 1080ti ftw3 from a Co worker during this whole gpu shortage for a non covid price of $250cnd. Ended up trading that with another coworker for his sc2 black which he just rma for crashing, paid for an extended 2 year warranty. So on to my build.

Msi b450i gaming plus max wifi.
Corsair atx 550w psu ( evga 650w sfx on order )
Ryzeb 3600
deepcoop l120 cooler
16gb corsair vengeance lpx

Just built this a couple days ago replacing my coolermaster core v21 case. Wanted something small for the living room the wife would be OK with. Original co figurative I had the rad fan pulling to exhaust out the front in front of the rad. Playing forza 4 for about 15 min showed the cpu temp get to 97c. So that wasn't good. Found a great YouTube channel with tons of tests on this case and decided to try doing an intake in front of the rad instead. This drastically made a difference with temps going to 75c after 10 min of game play. I'm expecting temps to be even better when my sfx psu comes in.

I'm also running a 4 tb hdd and 500gb ssd with future plans to use a 1tb name and either 1tb or 2 tb ssd to free up some room in the case by getting rid of the hdd bracket on top to allow even better temps.

stress tests with cinebench and furmark running for about 20 minutes shows a peak of 90c cpu and 74c gpu with the gpu only hitting 70c gaming.
1 - 1 of 3239 Posts