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Simple BIOS changes almost bricked MS Office

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So recently I moved my Marvell and Intel ICH10R both over to AHCI so all 8 ports are now running in that mode. Unexpectedly, but not surprisingly MS office detected the change (thinking it was a "new system") and blocked use of all my office software. I have a lot office sw -- 2007 professional pro, visio, project. They are all legit.

Well you have to go through that phone rigmarole and it didn't work after trying about 3-4 times. Then I was like *** is this bs? Well, it turns out that your license flag file can get corrupted, so if this happens to you check out M$ kb #919895 and it'll work. First time this has ever happened to me. Usually the phone verification works fine, just fine.

WGA has gone too far with these constant activation false positives.
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