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Simple Home Network Question

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Hi, I have three computers connected to a router. One computer is hard lined and the other two are wifi. All three pc's are in the same workgroup. Why can't I see the other two pc's when I run a IP scan?
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Software firewall status on the computers? Enable/disabled?
Sorry, they are enabled. Both are only using windows firewall. One pc is vista and the other xp and mine is 7. I've been meaning to upgrade the other two. I've never had a problem with a firewall not allowing a simple ping within a lan though.
Windows Firewall could be blocking Anonymous WAN requests (Ping Response), which would disable them from responding, though, this shouldn't be happening.

Are they all on the same Subnet mask (,, etc)?

Also, is AP Isolation on? If you enable AP Isolation, all Wifi Clients won't be able to see each other (other WiFi clients).
is networking properly setup on them computers, because it needs to be setup, (even if your not sharing files) to be able to be seen on the network
Willage, to be seen, yes. But, to ping, no.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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