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simple ? networking problem I can't fix :O

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Hello folks,

I ran into what I thought was going to be a simple networking problem that I cannot seem to fix.

2 PC's both running windows xp pro

one running sp3 (named "oldboo")

other running sp 2 (named "boo")

oldboo is connected to boo wireless through a usb adapter (belkin) to linksys wrt 54gs.

boo is connected ethernet (hardwire) to the wrt 54gs. Boo has a laser printer hooked to it.

oldboo can print through boo and can also browse boo's shared directory.

Problem: boo cannot access oldboo. It can see oldboo on the network but when I double click on oldboo I am prompted for a user name and password.

tried enabling guest account and another admin account on old boo to see if that would help. Nope.

Shut off peer guardian on both PC's. No change.

Ran network setup wizard and copied from old boo to boo. No change. network setup I used was PC's are connected to internet through residential gateway.

Rebooted both PC's. No change. Can only connect from old boo to boo.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?
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need to edit sharing preferences on oldboo. dont have an xp box here so i cant say specifically where but thats all it is.

edit: enable simple file sharing

Originally Posted by sleeper300
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need to edit sharing preferences on oldboo. dont have an xp box here so i cant say specifically where but thats all it is.

edit: enable simple file sharing

Thanks Sleeper! Only problem is that when I run through the network setup wizard there is an option to enable file and printer sharing which I already checked. I think by default it would share the "shared documents" folder. Anyway, I'll right click on the shared documents and see if there's a checkbox or something to make sure its' shared.
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What happens if you log into oldboo with the credentials from oldboo?
If oldboo doesnt have a password put one on. Then try loging in with those credentials.

Or you could always make a new share folder. Just make a folder on C: right click, goto sharing and security, share it, go into security and find folder permissions and give everyone full control. I cant remember if that exactly howto get to the permission settings, as i havent run xp in ages, but that should be close enough to give you the jist.
I get the login message as soon as i try to connect to oldboo. It asks for username like oldboo\\username
and then on next line it asks for password.

on oldboo there is only one user account which is not password protected. So are you saying in the field where you have the user name just put in whatever user name is on old boo and then hit enter for password? I think the other thing you said was to add a password to that user on old boo and also try creating a new share folder. I think that's what you said. Sorry I'm a bit networking challenged.
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Add a password for the unpassworded account on oldboo by writing "control userpasswords2" in Run - if you want, you can make it log in automatically with the same tool.
Have you tried disabling then re-enabling the file and printer sharing on oldboo?
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