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Single GTX 285 GPU Cooling

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I have a custom WC system in my newegg shopping cart, sorry if this is kind of a stupid question I am new to WC. Anyways if I have the standard parts for CPU cooling what other parts would I need to cool my Nvidia GTX 285 with the same basic system?
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Originally Posted by kylej866 View Post
I can afford decent watercooling for my CPU but I will need +150 for my GPU too.

is there a cheaper gtx 285 waterblock?
I havent found one.. cheapest full cover blocks are around 115$.

As for you WC setup. trust me, dont skimp on it. I tried to save a few bucks here and ther, and ended up with -5c from my air setup, so now I get to continue shopping for a 2 pass rad and better pump.
And I am on a single loop for CPU only. So to add the gpu in the mix you will need these

dual 120 2 pass rad for cpu (the XSPC RX240 is 79$) for CPU

single 120 2 pass rad for gpu (Black Ice Extreme is 53$) for GPU

D5 vario to get it flowing through the 2 rads. 79$
should handle that loop

buying new that alone will be close to 250$

now add good gpu/cpu water blocks and we are pushing 450$, and when its all said and done you will be around 500$, but running nice n cool....

Browsing the for sale section here may save you some. I got my block that is 80 new for 45$ here. Also rads/pumps are usually floating around

So my suggestion is to build your cpu or gpu loop first, then add the other when you budget allows for it. Trying to save money by buying budget parts is not wise. Not because of hardware failure, but because they wont cool as well as high end air, and still cost more.
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