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Skt 478 Celeron

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Hey guys, I just fired up my old Dell 3000 desktop to see what data I still had on there. Found some cool music that I thought had been lost.

Well anyway, the Heatsink (No fan) gets really hot on it, and I want to see how hot. I don't care about damage, I'm actually trying to overheat it and see what happens. Don't call me fail, I'll stop before it damages it.

It's a 65nm CPU in socket 478, and coretemp won't work on my install of XP that I have on there, and the CPU isn't supported by realtemp. Everest is a no also.

Speedfan won't pick up the sensors, because it's a Dell.

I'd really like to see just how hot it gets.

Any ideas?
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Does the BIOS give you any information about the temperatures? Otherwise, you could try and find a thermometer and place it on the chip.
I have had no luck finding temp monitoring programs for Dells.
Everest picks up the sensors in my moms old Gateway E2100 and it had an old 478 2.2ghz celeron(now it has a 2.2ghz P4)in it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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