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skt 754 question

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ok. let me start off by saying im a total AMD noob.
im about to build a budget skt 754 system and i dont understand anything about psu's and the 24/20 pin stuff. i was wondering if something like this case

was compatible with one of those great biostar 6100 motherboards like this


ill be putting a cheap sempron 3000 or 3100 in there
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The 24/20 is the main motherboard power connector. It denotes whether the board uses a 24-pin or a 20-pin connector.

The motherboard you chose uses a 24-pin connector (very bottom of the detailed specs). I'm not sure if the PSU in that case will have a 24-pin connector on it's PSU. You should probably replace it anyway. It's pretty weak.
welli understand that, but it doesnt give any information whether the PSU i nthe case is 20/24. theirs reviews with amd systems using it i just was wondering if anyone had an idea......
I would get another power supply no matter what. the ones that come with those cases are usually preety bad.
dont htink thats it. that ones FSP the one in the case is sparkle ltd.

and i dont see a prob with that one. im not going to put anything big in there.

but dont you need a pci-e compatible psu wtih a pci-e motherboard?
i wont be using the pci-e right away but will it affect me?
Check the model number, it's the same.
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haha your right thanks!
ok the mobo is 24 pin and the psu is 20, can i use something like this


It should be fine. I perfer going with something that's native to the PSU and I don't really like adapters.
thanks. what about the pci-e thing? dont you need a pci-e plug to use a pci-e board?
I have heard some bad things about those adapters. Just get a decent power supplie.
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PCI-E plug is for the video cards.
it plugs right into it?

More and more modern cards require a lot of power for them to operate correctly. By giving them their own line straight to the PSU they get better power then having to share off the motherboard with other components.
i thought they used the straight 4 pin molex, but anyway would the best thing to do would be to choose a different case? if i didnt would an atx power supply fit in that mAtx case? i know alot of questions but thanks.
A PCI-E power connector is 6-pin.

The case looks fine and is pretty nice. Just get a better quality PSU to go along with it.


That one is really nice for the price. It's a direct fit for your case as well as having dual 12v rails. Another feature, is that it has a 20+4 pin connector. What this means it has a 20-pin that you can add another four to accomodate newer motherboards.


You can see where it attaches in this picture.
ok thanks. should be a good machine for the price. im looking to spend >400 dollars so the sempron and onboard graphics are great as a second machine.
thanks for the help ill be sure to come back if i ahve another question :p
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