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I recommend Slax-Remix a lot because it has Flash installed in Firefox by default so it is incredibly useful as a portable system. It is also by default really small and really fast and will boot on just about anything. I like it so much I installed v.7.0 to hard drive (even though technically you're not supposed to) on an ancient laptop with a P2 433MHz CPU and 256MB ram.

Anyway version 8.0 just came out with the 2.6.35 kernel and there even is a version with PAE enabled for systems with 4GB or more of ram.


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The desktop shown above looks more like regular Slax than Slax-Remix v7 which I thought was beautiful so I hope that one is still available. I'm not going to get it going till the weekend so any critiques and raves are most welcome!

BTW although it may look funny to some since it is older (version 6) and shows Russian broadcasts and who knows on what hardware, it is still pretty amazing that default Slax-Remix even back then supported Satellite Hi-Def TV DVB standards for OpenCable as shown below. Hot Stuff.

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