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SLI detection issue, help please

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I have a older MB, a Biostar Tforce4SLI nforce 4 989 ATX. I have 2x identical 8800 GTS evga video cards.

I made the propper change on my MB and put on the SLI bridge on the cards. started up my machine (which took much longer than usual) and my computer detects both evga cards and that they are the same card. i do not have any options to turn on my SLI nor did i get any popup when my computer started to turn turn on my sli (it did register second card tho).

I tried updating my bios but i keep seeing forums saying the correct drivers are not easy to find so im not sure if/where the exact drivers i need are ( yes i checked biostar site ). and i have the current drivers from the nvidia site.

Anyone have any idea why it wont let me turn SLI on ?
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Have you tried going through the nvidia control panel? The option is under "SLI" in the nvidia control panel.
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