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Sli-dr Temps

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I just swapped out mobos from an dfi ultra-d to the dfi sli -dr...my temps with the ultra d were 30c idle and 45c loaded...when i did the swap, my temps dropped to 22c idle and 37c loaded. I am running the big toe bios 704-2bt. And I checked with pcwizard, and in the bios, so the temps are correct..has anyone else seen the same results? Or just what happened and why such the big difference??
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Perhaps the other temps were off!
How does the sys temp relate to the room temp?
There is a known issue with the Ultra-D/SLI-DR/Expert reading erroneous temperatures . It's not a widespread problem, but some guys at DFI Street have been complaining about it. My Ultra-D overstates temps. by about 6*C (compared to my old EPOX). At first I thought it was a faulty sensor, but this is my second DFI board and I doubt my luck is that bad.
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