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SLI-ing cards

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I wanted to know if anyone has dual two cards that both have zalman fans installed. It seems that the zalman fans are too large to for SLI.
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the zalman VF700 sticks out just about the same distance as any video card that takes up two PCI slots (like a 6800 Ultra)

so, yes, on any motherboard, they should fit. i know for sure that there is enough room on my board (A8N-SLI), and there should be for all other boards as well, unless someone knows of a specific board that doesn't have enough room for double-slotted coolers.
I have 2 7800GT's both with Zalman vf700-cu's and with my mobo I have just about an inch space between the cooler and the bottom card because there are 2 slots between the PCI-E slots. I couldn't tell you how well it would work on boards with only 1 slot between the PCI-E slots, but it works just fine on my board.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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