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SLI Mobo = 680i??

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The question is: If I'm definately planning on SLI in the future, what are my viable chipset options? Is 680i the only one I can use for SLI, C2D, and overclocking? or are there other options (e.g. RD600, P965)?
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To do SLI you _must_ get a Mobo with an nvidia chipset. A quick run-down:

Assuming you're going intel:
680i - C2d, Quad, SLI x16 (ie both cards use full 16-bits of the PCIX bus)
650i - C2d, Quad, SLI x8

All other nvidia chipsets dont support c2d. But 590 and 570 will still do SLI (x16 and x8 respectively), but you can only get core2, pentiumD etc.

Full details here
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Thanks for that...

*Off Topic* Do you really have an STi? My friend has an '04 I think. Silver. Faaaaast.

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Thanks for that...

*Off Topic* Do you really have an STi? My friend has an '04 I think. Silver. Faaaaast.

No problem (BTW, intel have a similar info here for their chipsets if you decide not to go SLI).

Yes I do have a blue 2005 STi (as pictured parked on my driveway - actually a very bad photo taken in middle of the day). I have a stage 1 COBB tune. It is a very quick car and lots of fun to drive - very highly recommended for a superb value performance vehicle. I plan to go stage 2 (full turbo-back exhaust and boost levels increase) perhaps early next year.
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You can also use any intel chipset with modded drivers. I had a P5W DH running my sli'd 7900gtx without any issues. Couple of things though. first the modded drivers are older and you are at the mercy of the modding community to get updates. Second, the Intel 975x chipsets only run at 8x8x. If you go with a 965x board you will only get 8x4x(not advised). The above reasons were why I quickly jumped ship to a 680i board as soon as it came out. I had the evga board for about a week before I sold it and went with the Asus. The asus has higher overclock capability, no known sata corruption issues, and no capacitors on the back of the board that can block mounting plates for aftermarket cooling. The highest fsb I got on the evga was 460 (the highest I saw was 473). with the asus, I was able to hit 7x 500 fsb right out of the box with no messing around. Kunaak at Xtreme has hit 534 FSB stable with the new bios release but I'm going to wait to see if he fries his board or ram before going beyond 500. Thats the target FSB I was looking for regardless.
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