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SLI mobos

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I'm looking to upgrade my mobo soon and was wanting to know if there are LGA 775 boards with SLI, whether it be 2-way or 3-way. I have a yorkfield Q9300 and running single card at the moment. I just don't see the reason, at the moment, to go out and buy a core i5 or i7. I know Evga has some boards but just wondering if there where others like Asus or MSI...etc.

BTW: I don't mind what type of memory. I have 8GB of DDR2 but if they are DDR3 I wouldn't have a problem getting some more ram.
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If you want SLI on an LGA775 mobo you'll have to go with an nVidia chipset board, or else move up to P55/X58.

being as you have a lower OCing quad you will not be limited by the board, so a 780i should do the trick for you ( but thats the cowards way out) i suggest getting a evga 790i FTW or a 790i digital if you can find one. that would be the closest you can get to real speed and have good OCing options.
I think fry's has a EVGA 790i ultra and I like the XFX 790i ultra which to me seems the same as the EVGA. It's not like I'm really looking to push my Q9300 past 3.0 the temps are really low without switching to liquid cooling and it's nice and stable. My main interest is dual graphics. I already am running a GTX 275, have two I think would keep me entertained for a while.

thanks for the info.
I have a feeling that a 750i should fit your needs nicely if you don't want to push your Q9300 farther. The 790i seems to be a decent price at Frys but just remember that you need DDR3 for those boards.
I don't mind buying DDR3 memory because I can just use these DDR2 for other builds I have. I was looking at the 750i but the FSB if I recall was only 1333 and the 790i is 1600 the board I have now is a 1600 and I would feel like I would be down grading.

thanks though.
I loves me my 750i FTW but I've heard that the 790i Digital is the best of the 7x series.
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