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New to both forum and overclocking core i7 on this particual board.

Have a little experience of overclocking but this setup is particularly complicated and confusing for me!!

My rig:

SLI P6T SE motherboard
Core i7 920
I have 6 GB Corsair Dominator RAM
6 GB Kingston HyperX also, (12GB total)
500GB storage

ATi Radeon HD 4870x2 GPU,(2GB)

Water cooled both CPU and GPU

What I really need is someone to provide me a copy of their stable overclocked settings, between 3.6 and 4.1 would be perfect for me.

Given I have some top of the range water cooling in my rig I figure I could push it a little harder as I have an extremely efficient cooling setup.

What I have found thus far is:

Ai o/c tuner-manual
CPU ratio- 19 or 21, (seemingly the odd numbers are more stable?)
BCLK frequency-191
PCIe freq-100
DRAM freq- DDR3 1523, (9,9,9,24,2T)
QPI link data rate-auto
DRAM timing-auto, (for all)
CPU voltage-1.30
DRAM bus voltage-1.64
CPU spread spectrum-disabled

I also read the uncore settings are stables at 2x memory speed?
That memory should be 6x to 8x base clock for optimal results.

Based on the above, can someone please give me a copy and/or full list of settings to overclock this to a minimum of 3.6GHz

I am most appreciative of any help given!!


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