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Slipstream vs Yate slims

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Hey guys. I have a question regarding my setup. Currently I have a couple Scyth Slip Steams on my Swiftech 2x120 radiator. I figured high cfm would work the best, but after a bit of reading about this 'static pressure' mumbojumbo I'm questioning the performance I'm seeing.

So, without recommending me any other fans, unless 120 thins, I'm talking specifically about the Slip Stream compared to this specific Yate Loon 120x20mm fan:
Yate Loon 120x20mm
Slip Steam

The reason I'm looking at that fan in particular, is I hear Yate's are supposed to have some very good static pressure compared to the Slip Steam, and as is with the Slip Steams, my graphics card nearly rests on top of them so I need a little extra clearance for some airflow, that's why I am looking at the thinner Yate's.

Thanks in advance.
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The name slipstream tells you that the air pushed is "slippery", not high on static pressure. Think of them like the aerodynamics on an F1 car, the fans are designed to push air that will just keep going. For a rad, you need the air to stay around the radiator for longer, rather than just going straight through it as this would have very little effect.
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