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I recently built a new budge Ryzen system. I got a good deal on 2 Adata SX NVME M.2 drives (one sx8000 and one sx7000 both 256GB)
The motherboard I'm using is a ASRock AB350 M Pro4. I installed the SX8000 into the "ultra m.2" port and used that as my boot drive. I didn't realise the other M.2 port was just sata so I ordered a PCIE 4x M.2 card.

Anyway, it arrived today and I installed it and ran atto disk bench just to make sure everything was working ok. As you can see from the pic.
The far right is the SX7000 in the pcie slot
The middle is the SX8000
and the right is the SX8000 after installing AMD4ALL (a friend suggested it)

Any ideas? Thanks


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