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Small Power Button mod

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Hey guys.
I hope this isn't a stupid question as i have never done any "modding" before.

The mod will be being done on my mums computer. The area where the computer is there is NO space on the desk for the computer to go. Also she can't really bend down all the well. The Power button is right at the bottom of the case, and i was wondering how i would go about adding a 2nd button the is up on the desk or something , i would just blue tack it to the base of the screen or something. But im just trying to figure out the best way to go about it.
thanks !
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You could just move the original one to the top, provided the cable is long enough (usually they aren't that long, just cut a hole and glue it on top.

A good way of not having to do anything is to just not shut off the computer. This is usually recommended because every time you boot, it "stresses" the system and adds up over time.

Another option is, and I am not sure but you can make the computer boot from the keyboard, you'd have to set that in the BIOS though.

Or my last idea is just put the computer on sleep mode, and have it so that when you push any keyboard button it turns back on.
my two ideas would be:

button mod to top, inside case - you could replace or rewire the button, but simply disconnecting the old one, leaving it in place, and adding a new one in a more convenient spot seems like a good idea

they sell remote control switches that operate on rf. you install the gadgets inside the box, then you have a little remote control that you keep on the desk, allowing her to boot up the pc without crouching down etc
Ahh ok, That remote switch sounds good. Where do i find those? What is rf?
rf=radio frequency

any case modding sites
arctic mods

or just google for the term
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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