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small vista upgrade issue

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trying to upgrade from xp mce 2005 to vista home premium and it says that there's an incompatibility with messenger live being installed and cant upgrade.

I dont think messenger live is installed, only the original version of msn is there and that's because i don't use it.

How can i uninstall msn live? I checked the uninstall list and it wasnt there to uninstall in xp.

Does Vista want me to install it instead?

I know these are dumb questions but im kinda stumped, just looking past the obvious.

Thanks guys
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Its messenger 5.1 not live, still no idea where its at, because i dont have the option to get rid of it
There is a way yo can get rid of it:

Click on Add/Remove Windows Components and you can remove MSN Messenger. There is two services to remove everything.

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The upgrade process can be a huge pain and it might serve you better in the end to just back up all of your data and build a fresh vista partition. Just my 2 cents.
i just pushed threw the issue and now vista is intalled, thanks for the help. Not sure why the update issue threw a code.
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