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I finally have enough money to build my dream PC. I have my eyes on kabby lake and either pascal or polaris flag ship parts. My plan is to do a fully water cooled system with preferably mini itx. I want to be able to cool a top end single GPU and CPU. I want to be able to fit a combined 360mm of radiator space, whether that is single 360mm radiator, a 240mm radiator plus a single 120mm or 140mm radiator or three separate 120mm/140mm radiators. I would prefer to have room for 480mm of radiator space if I can find it.

I want to mount everything internally, including a small reservoir and a pump, and while I am not totally against some minor case modding, but I would prefer to buy something ready to go.

Other than the full size everything else, I don't need an optical driver, and I will be happy mounting my single SSD drive with double sided tape, wherever it happens to fit. Cable management also doesn't particularly matter to me. I'll shove them wherever I can squeeze them.

So far I have found the Corsair 250D, which supports a 240mm top radiator and I might be able to force another 120mm radiator mounted externally. It is mini itx but it only supports 240mm of radiator space.

My number one candidate right now is the case labs mercury s5. I can go nuts with radiators and in this thing, but the size is a lot bigger than I would prefer, and the 300$ price tag is very steap.


Other than these two I haven't found anything. I am having a hard time finding compact cases with water cooling support. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
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