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  • Nokia E61i

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  • Nokia N80

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  • HTC P3400

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  • Sony Ericsson P990

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Smartphone Recommendations Please!

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I've been searching for a perfect Smartphone for some time, so I ended up with these models, please help me choose & if you have any other suggestion then please advice.

thanks in advance

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and which models would that be?

i personally love my 6680, but theres loads of amazing new phones.

Looks nice

my friends got the HTC, thought it was pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Ross_uk
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and which models would that be?

Please check the poll above
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Well I have the HTC Prophet and it's Bisto. I have flashed it to Windows Mobile 6 and it has a touch screen and the lot, what more do you want?
If you are not in a hurry, maybe wait for the Sony Ericsson P1. MUCH better than the P990.
Blackjack is great but it doesnt have WiFi
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I have a Cingular 8125. I am really happy with it, if you do much texting or working with email or documents, the keyboard is great. The newer model is the 8525.
I totally agree, wait for P1i
I bought second hand Nokia E61 for $215. Looks like a new one.

Thank you all.
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