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Smasher Needs A Case!

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So. here I sit in a dilemma I've never been in before. I need a case and do not know what to buy. I have ~$50 to spend before tax and shipping for a grand total of around $70-75 tops shipped to my door.

Must be full ATX but not so big it towers over me when sitting on my desk.

Pics of my desk:

Mini P180 on the desk

Monster Rocketfish on the desk

There is a CM Storm Scout for sale here on OCN for $75 shipped and I'm damn tempted to buy it. Nice looking cases. Seem to have ample room. The one thing I can't get onboard with is the side window with all those vents.

What else is recommended? I don't really want to mod the case if I don't have to. Maybe a Xigmatek Midgard would do?
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Eh...just grab yourself either an NZXT Beta or Antec 300. Also, you have a rocketfish and you want to change to a new chassis?
CM 690 is where its at for you brotha.


$40 free shipping
I love my Antec 300. I know it's not a full tower but what do you need a full tower for anyway? You can fit a lot in a Three Hundred.

Originally Posted by SmasherBasher View Post
I never said I needed a full tower

Oh, sorry. I must of just saw where you said full ATX and assumed it said full tower. I guess I need to read more carefully.

Anyway the Antec Three Hundred was on Amazon yesterday for $40 and free shipping. Then tax is a few dollars.

Actually, I just checked and it is $45 now. Still worth it though.
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