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SMP folding with GPU2?

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Hey guys, I just started folding for OCN again on my 2 8800's as I promised (cranking out a healthy 11.4k PPD as says FahMon). Quick question though, when I run SMP folding on my E8400 (clocked 3.90 433x9), it takes forever for each % and I was wondering if its worth losing a few hundred points on my GPU2 folding in exchange for some SMP points. (It was so slow that i just stopped SMP before it even gave me a PPD estimation lol)

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Well worth it. You might lose a few hundred PPD on the GPU and gain 2K on the CPU.
Seriously? The WU I had for SMP would have at least taken a day by itself dont recall the point value though, it was either a 1600 or 1800 I believe
Even a 1753Pt SMP WU minus the 300ppd you lose still = a 1400PPD increase.
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Just reinstalled and started it up, the WU is a 1760 pointer, this might take a while lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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