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SMP & GPU2 setup, am I missing something?

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So today I added a video card to my amd sig rig. It's not a 24/7 folder, but when I'm not gaming I'd like it to fold. Up until today, it had the x800 in it, which can't fold. Today I put a nice Nvidia card in expecting a nice boost in ppd.

I have been running dual VM/ubuntu clients. Normally I just let it go without making any adjustments to priority or affinity. I think it defaults to normal priority and lets both VM's run each on all 4 cores.

After adding the gpu, I made sure that the gpu2 client was set to high priority and I left the VM at normal. Well, the card is getting some horrible ppd. I know the card very well and it's not producing like it should. I tried to change the affinity on the vm's so that each was running on two separate cores. Then I let the gpu2 client run on all 4 cores. It's still getting horrible ppd. Am I missing something here?

For some reason I though that the smp clients would take a hit and the gpu2 client would be fine. Maybe it's the other way around and the gpu2 client takes the hit?
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I think that I have it figured out. The gpu2 client would default to using only core3 every time that it completed a wu. I had priority set correctly, but needed a solution for forcing the affinity to be on more than one core. After setting up priffinity, I have the gpu2 client set to use all 4 cores and on high.

Then I set up each of the vm's to run on two different cores each at normal priority. Now my gpu is working normal and each vm only lost around 150-200ppd.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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