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-SMP just started taking forever!

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Past couple of days my folding has just dropped off considerably
Anybody else?
System has gone from chugging away ~ 9-12 minutes per % (with GPU2 running also)
To this:
Attachment 100736
(and That screen's from overnight when It should have been going the fastest!)
No changes to any configuration in the past week or so!

-smp flag is set
core priorities set to High (GPU2 to normal)
Is it possibly just a few bad WU's in a row?

[edit] and I just checked - my gpu2 has thrown 4 NaN's in the past 24 hrs when IT has been stably folding for a couple of weeks!!!
What The heck???

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my SMP PPD has dropped significantly in the last few days too. I went from chugging away a WU a day and a little bit to a day and a half per WU. 2.2k PPD down to 1400 PPD now with my e7200 @ 3.8ghz.

Edit: Currently on a 3065 WU / 2144 Points.

Taking 23 min / % ish, and 1400 PPD. almost half of what it was a week ago with the 1700 point WU's.
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